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Plastic crates injection moulds Suppliers

The company is a processing and manufacturing enterprise integrating product design, mold calculation, mold development, mold manufacturing and product processing. Our company has rich experience in developing and producing various plastic crate injection moulds. Our company mainly develops plastic fruit basket molds, plastic vegetable basket molds, plastic seafood basket molds, and foldable plastic basket molds. Plastic crate is suitable for transportation, distribution, storage, circulation processing and other links in factory logistics; it can be used with various logistics containers and workstations to be used in various warehouses, production sites and other occasions. Ideal for management. The demand for plastic crate moulds is also increasing. Our company will provide customers with high-quality molds and high-quality services before and after sales.

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Taizhou Minghuang Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.

We are located in the intelligent mould town of Huangyan District, the first characteristic town in Zhejiang Province. The geographical conditions are superior, the transportation is convenient, and the logistics is convenient. Companies adhering to the "quality first, customer satisfaction, continuous innovation" business philosophy. After 20 years of forging ahead, it has developed into a factory engaged in various injection molds.Taizhou Minghuang Plastic Mould Co., Ltd is China custom Plastic crates injection moulds suppliers and OEM Plastic crates injection moulds company. We specialize in plastic household molds, auto parts molds, home appliance molds, etc. Main market: Southeast Asia (50.00%), others (50.00%) are other overseas customers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France and India, etc.

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